Bert the French

We are in the early 90’s and it’s in Paris that the story begins, is there that I became familiar with the world of music as an Sound Engineer Assistant while working at the « Studio du Palais des Congrès » on French Hip Hop, Pop, World and Music TV for advertising

After this initial experience I have been caught up by the underground world of electronic music while I was working as radio promoter for ‘Fnac Dance Division’ which will become later become F.Communication. It was there that I discovered a new music scene by promoting artists signed at the time on Laurent Garnier Label and also artists in distribution of the English label Warp

Afterward in 1996 I moved to London and I met « The Reflex » we made a co-production together and we were signed by Acid-jazz Records for the compilation ‘The New Testament of Funk’ Vol1 then I closely worked with the label to develop an sub-label within Acid Jazz Records. It was at this same time that my first pseudo name Dj Naked appeared with a single ‘All I need is music’ and then ‘California’ . At the same time I hosted a weekly radio show on Puredm and a Club Night in Soho at the Denim Bar

In 2001 I came back in France and I took over the musical programming of a club lounge restaurant. In parallel I produced song and remixes with local Artist, Follow a band as sound engineer called « Neil Conti and the Lazy Sundaze » and I have been an activist in the local cultural life. I have participated in the organisation of performance mixing plastic arts and the organisation of concert